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I highly recommend Ranae with PawsClawsScales Transport for all your pet shipping needs. She was extremely attentive to Otis’s needs, very flexible and so kind! She emailed me a detailed itinerary of the entire trip, shared her location with me, and sent me a ton of updates/pictures along the 24-hr long journey across the country. Ranae was outstanding to work with and I would 100% book her again!

I can’t say enough great things! Great communication, tons of pics. I am a super anxious person in general and had tons of anxiety about shipping my dogs but Ranae really put my mind to ease. She got along great with my dogs and made sure they were having an enjoyable experience as well! Thank you so much Ranae for delivering my dogs for me!

Ranae delivered a fantastic transport service picking up a puppy for me roughly 10 hours from my home. She met the breeder at the proposed pick up time and dropped off at my house exactly within the timeframe we discussed without any unscheduled stops or delays. I would highly recommend Ranae for your transport needs, and if you have a new puppy coming to your home Ranae knows how to care for them in a special way. She also had great communication skills and sent pictures during the entire trip with updates on how the pup was doing....awesome!

Danielle Cappa

Jazmin Rodriguez

Tom Vick


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