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Ground Travel Consultation Services 

Are door-to-door and entirely climate-controlled. Your pet will be routinely walked to reduce stress, water will be provided at all times and food offered on a schedule!


Air Travel Consultation Services

We will work with you to provide a Pet Travel Consultation which determines the best routing, requirements, and the services needed. We do the research and present you with the available options. After contracting with us, we will instruct you of the requirements for your pet’s travel including but not limited to vaccinations, veterinary health certificates, and microchipping.

Travel Carriers or Crates

While we do not supply crates, we will guide you on how to measure your pet appropriately and ensure you obtain the correct size crate that is in compliance with USDA and IATA standards. We will also direct you on where to find the best deals on crates in the size that you need. 

     Once you book your transportation type, we will help you set up a tracking system so you can watch your pet throughout its journey. PawsClawsScales has been USDA-backed and PACFA-licensed. You can be sure your pet is in good hands.


 Pricing varies depending on whether you choose shared ride pet transport, private pet transport, or in-cabin air pet transport.


 It is important to note that while you can typically schedule last-minute rides, availability may change throughout the year and you can expect an added fee for expediting.

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